DevRats is about developers and programmers who love to experiment and learn. We are a community that desires to demonstrate, share and inspire other learners. This blog is a small step towards the bigger goal of helping the larger programming community.

Everyone have their own style of coding and programming. However, there could be alternative approaches and technique to achieve the similar project goals. DevRats hopes to inspire fellow developers with the lessons learnt. We want to write about the code we value and steps to follow to get a job done.

The rate of addition, changes and evolution of tools, techniques and libraries is tremendous. Developers need to remain updated. There is information which is still not thorough and correctly documented. If you know any upgrades and want to share with others, this is the platform.

DevRats wants to guide programmer and developer community with set of examples, use cases and demonstration. We want to help peers stuck with a problem in our capacity. Post the problem to the blog relevant to your issue. We will try to help you sail through together.

Finally Software Development is fun. May be that’s the reason we choose to be developers. So Dev Rats is about having fun too 🙂